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24V DC Cooling Fan True gold fears fire.

Date: 2014-10-20   Click: 1121 Times

1, "24V DC Cooling Fan" high speed and acceleration - dn value can operate under conditions of over 3 million, and the slip, abrasion and heat can be reduced;
2, long life, resistance to wear - full ceramic bearing fatigue life expected 10-50 times longer than steel bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings, life expectancy is higher than the all-steel bearing life is about 3-5 times;
3, the required minimal lubrication - a low friction coefficient of the ceramic material, ceramic bearings lubricated by oil, the lubricating oil in the case of thinning or lean, its lubricating ability is still lower than the commonly used conventional steel bearing lubricant;
4, "24V DC Cooling Fan" abrasion - because the ceramic material is inert material, it is more resistant to corrosion and wear;
5, rigidity - by the elastic modulus of the ceramic material is high, its larger rigidity than the ordinary steel bearing 15-20%;
6, high temperature - Full ceramic bearings can operate in temperatures above 500 ℃;
7, torque low - according to the structure, ceramic bearings reduce torque about one-third;
8, "24V DC Cooling Fan" non-magnetic non-conductive - ceramic bearing cooling fan ceramic bearings can not be magnetic, electrical damage.

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