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Cooling Fan Manufacturer teach you impeller maintenance

Date: 2014-11-8   Click: 981 Times

"Cooling Fan Manufacturer" impeller maintenance: In the early days, when all the impeller operation and regular inspection, as long as there is an opportunity, you must check whether the impeller cracks, wear, dust and other defects. Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean and regularly with a wire brush to the top of the dust and rust leather, etc., because with longer run time, these dust since it is impossible to uniformly attached to the "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" the impeller, the impeller balance and cause damage, and even cause the rotor vibration.
"Cooling Fan Manufacturer" impeller once you make the repair, it will need to further balancing. If the conditions, you can use a portable balancing instrument in the field trial balance. Before making balancing, you must check whether all the retaining screws and tighten. Because the impeller has been running for some time in an unbalanced state, these bolts may have loosened.

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