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Micro Cooling Fan advantage

Date: 2014-11-27   Click: 948 Times

"Micro Cooling Fan" using pulse width modulation PWM control, changing the conduction angle; automatic control motor speed, while the fan away by manifold temperature, motor speed to accelerate with increasing temperature, but also to increase customs, wind increases in turn control the temperature increased, the effect of automatic control, to achieve intelligent, and through LED displays, this way the structure is simple, accurate, and easy to control, etc., with the air conditioning in their daily lives constantly in universal application, it is easy to think of "Micro Cooling Fan" would later become conditioned social eliminated product, in fact, after the market test confirms that this is not true, although the impact of air conditioning products also, air conditioning products still occupies a very strong vitality, fans in the market test and did not out of the market, but sales have strong development space constantly recovery. According to market research, keep fans of recovery, mainly in the following reasons, first, "Micro Cooling Fan" Although there is no air conditioner, powerful cooling function, but fans are taken directly to the wind, the wind is more moderate

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