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Micro Cooling Fan classification

Date: 2014-11-29   Click: 944 Times

1. By heat "Micro Cooling Fan" operating voltage points: AC cooling fan (AC FAN); DC cooling fan (DC FAN)
2. By heat "Micro Cooling Fan" drive motor points: Brushless DC cooling fan (DC BRUSHLESS FAN); there are brush DC cooling fan (DC BRUSH FAN); brushless AC cooling fan (AC BRUSHLESS FAN).
3. Press the "Micro Cooling Fan" motor bearing system is divided into: oil bearing type (SLEEVE BEARING); ball bearing type (BALL BEARING); Nano-Ceramic Bearings (CERAMIC NANOMETER BEARING).
4. Press the steam flow direction points: Axial Fan (AXAL FAN); Centrifugal Fan (BLOWER FAN); cross-flow fan (CROSS FAN).

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