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220V Cooling Fan size

Date: 2014-12-10   Click: 964 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" is closely related to the size of wind data for the area (fan base area minus the frame and the motor occupies part of the area occupied by the results), and further the impact of the fan key performance indicators "wind." Has a larger base size, general can get more wind over the area, in the wind speed equal, the greater amount of wind; conversely consider can reduce the wind speed does not decrease "220V Cooling Fan" wind, the use of "large caliber" air cooling fan is currently one of the big trends in the development of the radiator. Increasing the height of the fan to increase the fan power, increase the fan area, you can enhance the performance of the fan; some "220V Cooling Fan" is also used to increase the height of deflector on the frame to add or change the fan rotation plane direction (ie, non-axial fan) and so on, will be a more detailed explanation later.

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