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Influence Inflatable Air Blower What are the factors?

Date: 2015-2-10   Click: 1059 Times

1. material costs (IC bearing plastic materials such as copper) "Inflatable Air Blower" IC partakers A stall, B stalls, C files, D stalls, these Calvary IC grade appearance is exactly the same, but there are differences in accuracy, sensor sensitivity is not the same, low sensitivity of IC will be dead, poor induction phenomena bearing miniature fan there are many, are generally pressed powder with copper, oil is good, there are some cheap bearings, not copper containing some iron, or aluminum or something "Inflatable Air Blower" the plastic material is generally used for PBT, temperature, good toughness, but there are some with secondary materials, the three materials, the performance of these recycled materials on worse miniature fans have heard of copper wire with copper clad aluminum, relatively low cost, but the temperature will be high
2. The cost of the brand is in every way "Inflatable Air Blower" business is not the same, some are relying on sales to push their own products, some are relying on ads, it is easy to make out a good brand, the brand is good, and prices are some will sell high, these costs are added to the plant will be on the inside

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