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Inflatable Air Blower pulse signal

Date: 2015-4-14   Click: 930 Times

Speed signal "Inflatable Air Blower" circuit output from the normal form of pulses, each wave is represented with the fan turned around, this signal may be provided directly to the host for display via the data bus. Some of the fan speed signal is not output "Inflatable Air Blower" true speed, but the speed of a multiple, for example once per revolution and two, four or six pulses, must be treated in order to reflect the formation of a true fan speed signal. To distinguish "Inflatable Air Blower" speed is real or a multiple of the speed, tachometer can be used to measure the actual speed, and then compare with the data displayed. The stator (i.e., the main magnetic pole) is fixed on the fan bracket is non-rotating part of the motor.

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