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Cooling Fan Manufacturer advanced design

Date: 2015-4-16   Click: 1042 Times

No external "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" design is more advanced solutions. No need to install an external inverter fan, protection class IP65, and low noise, high reliability and eliminate power derating due to fan failure caused by decay heat capacity, easy maintenance and low cost. With output power increase and decrease the volume, "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" cooling capacity will be the biggest bottleneck string inverter design. To address this problem, you can reduce the thermal resistance through the use of aluminum composite, heat pipes, the average temperature plates and other ways to strengthen and enhance the radiator cooling capacity. Another important way to increase the internal cavity spoiler "Cooling Fan Manufacturer" to improve focus and enhance internal cavity cooling capacity, spoiler fan since the interior of the cavity, there is no protection issues, even if the failure of the overall cooling capacity and Power is not affected.

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