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Small Cooling Fan for your family safe escort

Date: 2015-4-29   Click: 990 Times

"Small Cooling Fan" with a unique touch-stop function, when hand touched the metal ring after the fan will stop turning, hands off after the restoration of the rotation. Especially for families with children, very safe. "Small Cooling Fan" horizontal three-stage swing design, horizontal swing 45 ° to meet a man with the wind, horizontal swing 70 ° to meet 2-4 people with wind, horizontal swing 90 ° to meet more people with the wind demand, but also multi-angle rotating motor can be fully accommodated every corner. "Small Cooling Fan" turbo fan blades poly design, the use of solid bicyclic achieve uniform blast effects, wind blowing stronger and distance will be farther, flat screen grille design makes the fan out of the wind is more concentrated and more comfortable, the following Fan speed test carried out on this.

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