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220V Cooling Fan of different points

Date: 2015-5-18   Click: 946 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" The biggest difference is that it does not have the traditional fan leaf! No Yefeng bladeless fan fan jet engines and automotive use turbo technology, the intake air through the suction hole bottom edge of the ring hidden inside an impeller put the air in a circular trajectory ejected final form a continuous stream of cold air. It is important that the air flow wind than the average fan is more stable. "220V Cooling Fan" is equivalent to the amount of air produced the best performance on the market of fans. Because there is no fan film to cut air, you will not feel the impact and excitement. It through continuous air flow make you feel cool. The "220V Cooling Fan" with variable frequency speed size adjustment device, user adjust the size of the wind speed according to the actual situation, even increasing the amount of wind, not impulse voltage, low power consumption, an ordinary fan energy consumption by half. Because there is no fan, the fan not only looks cool, but also more secure than traditional fans, while shaking his head, speed control and other functions are also comparable with the latter.

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