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220V Cooling Fan of a three-phase star connection

Date: 2015-5-20   Click: 901 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" has been widely used in life, it also has a variety of wiring methods, Kooka Here to introduce you to what is a three-phase star connection: cooling fan has a three-phase star connection inverter motor control circuit , three-phase AC power supply via an inverter circuit composed of MOS transistors to the three windings of the motor power sharing. Every moment, "220V Cooling Fan" three pairs of windings only one pair of electric windings by generating a magnetic field, then stop to this winding power, while the other pair of adjacent winding to power, so the magnetic field in the stator spatial rotation axis 120 °, "220V Cooling Fan" by the magnetic force of the rotor to follow the stator field for 120 ° rotation. The voltage is sequentially applied to the A + B-, A + C-, B + C-, B + A-, C + A-, C + B-, stator rotating magnetic field is formed, then the motor rotates continuously.

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