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Tiny Cooling Fan to resolve common noun

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1. "Tiny Cooling Fan" Air Pressure Pressure - The unit is [mm-H2O] (physical gas unit, mm water column): The higher the number the more pressure on behalf of Jin.
2..Bearing bearing technology - including seals (Sleeve), a single bead (One Ball), Lacoste formula (Dual Ball), NFB (Nanoflux), patented magnetic levitation (Twister) and Maglev MagLev vaporization (Vapo).
3. Fan Speed ??fan revolutions - calculated in units of [RPM] (Rotation Per Minute number of rotations / min): RPM fan vibration, acoustic and operating wind shear noise are closely related.
4. "Tiny Cooling Fan" Air Flow Air Volume - The unit is [CFM] (Cubic Feet per Minute cubic feet / minute): The higher the number, the stronger the wind representatives.
5. Current Current - is measured in amperes [A], the higher the larger the number, the representative of the normal A fan page revolutions.
6. Watt circuit power - is measured in watts [W], the higher the number of revolutions of the fan representatives watts under normal circumstances would be greater.
7. "Tiny Cooling Fan" Voltage Voltage - is measured in volts [V], the computer fan standard voltage is DC12V, factory specifications and may depend on the needs of the home with the silent drop 7V or 5V. Fan speed will slow down, bearing sound, the sound of wind shear and other noise decreases, the result is the air volume and pressure will diminish.

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