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220V Cooling Fan PIC MCU control

Date: 2015-6-5   Click: 1070 Times

Currently on the market "220V Cooling Fan" mainly through the wire to the speed controller and the fan body are connected, and are often used when the speed controller is fixed to the wall, can not be achieved anytime regulate fan . While the introduction of the wire connection to regulate the fan, it will inevitably lay a lot of lines, causing line redundancy and waste. And now the vast majority of "220V Cooling Fan" does not have the function of adjusting the speed based on ambient intelligence, so that the current use of the fan is too mechanical. A remote control can fan speed and controlled by PIC micro controller fan at a certain temperature outside the body can regulate itself can customize speed to achieve the user can remotely control the TV like remote control as "220V Cooling Fan", and do not need to lay a lot of body line to connect the body and fan-speed controller. Since the fan circuit design, by the addition of PIC micro controller chip intelligent master according to the outside temperature (the temperature of the remote control data transmission) automatic speed control, saving energy use, while meeting the needs of users.

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