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Tiny Cooling Fan huge market

Date: 2015-6-9   Click: 1087 Times

"Tiny Cooling Fan" very large market holdings so that fans despite relatively low energy consumption, but to improve product energy efficiency is also very necessary. It is understood that as air conditioning, refrigerator industry using more general energy-saving technology, DC inverter fans in 2011 entered the industry. "Tiny Cooling Fan" dawdling probably between 20-40W, and the use of DC inverter technology Airmate fans when most low-grade wind energy only 2.34W. Accordance with the minimum amount of wind, if you only use 8 hours a day, then 1 kWh of electricity can be used 52 days. "Tiny Cooling Fan" energy-saving and environmental protection will be the development of China's home appliance industry, long-term issues.

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