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220V Cooling Fan sensitive sensing capability

Date: 2015-6-10   Click: 939 Times

 Smart shook his head "220V Cooling Fan" works is not complicated, equipment following an infrared sensor to help it sense the heat around the coverage area, once the user is detected in the room, it will automatically turn on and go to the appropriate angle Users hair. Infrared sensor can be set to three different levels, to ensure that the equipment can be traced to people. In addition, the sensor can simultaneously track several people, in this state "220V Cooling Fan" in accordance with the order of rotation against everyone hair, to ensure that "one less." The fans called the "human perception shook his head"220V Cooling Fan"use infrared sensors to track the user's location, ensure that the equipment in the wind blowing at any time someone turned the place. And when the user leaves the room, it will be in one minute According sensors automatically turn off the device inside, it can be described as a model of energy saving.

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