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220V Cooling Fan protection and conservation

Date: 2015-7-9   Click: 955 Times

1. smooth bearings. "220V Cooling Fan" why can rotate jobs running ,, it mainly because of the bearing member, if there is no long-term use of lubricating oil is smooth, then the fan at high noise job situation is very simple announcement
2. Fixed blades. Convergence at the "220V Cooling Fan" and bearing due to wear and other reasons presented loose, the fan during operation due to sensation and announced a strong noise. To solve this problem, you can simply unscrew the screws tight between fans and bearing.
3. The grinding blades. If the center of gravity of the blades of the "220V Cooling Fan" can not in the axis, after a period of use, fans of "the eccentric" Presentation will become increasingly severe, it will not only noise occurs, severe damage can also CPU. In this regard, it can be removed altogether, hanging by a thin line between the orientation in which, to be stopped to see what direction the sinking, sinking at one end of the light grinding wheel a few times, you can be a fan in a horizontal orientation can.

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