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Different consumers buy 220V Cooling Fan data

Date: 2015-7-11   Click: 1044 Times

First, between "220V Cooling Fan" and air conditioning itself, there is a big functional differences, mainly due to the air conditioning, "cool", but fans are "natural sunstroke" and "air." So, fans use distinguishes itself from the effect of air conditioning, has a fixed group of users.
 Second, in recent years, "220V Cooling Fan" foreign sales have been showing a trend of steadily, and has doubled in sales volume of more than air conditioning, fans in 2005 market growth rate of more than 20% , Kelon, Gree and other large appliances companies also expanded investment in the electric fan in the export volume, fan air-conditioning machine 10 times, especially sales increased substantially in recent years, electric fan.
 Third, because the "urban summer power shortage" problem, many cities have taken the appropriate energy-saving measures, while the air conditioning is seen as an important reason for the power shortage. Objectively speaking, "220V Cooling Fan" the market still has huge market potential.

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