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220V Cooling Fan base design

Date: 2015-7-24   Click: 1038 Times

First look at "220V Cooling Fan" base design, not simply the motor with the power switch, the wind gear combination. The fan base and the wind box can be separated by a bayonet assembled. In addition to the motor inside the base outside, the following are covered with dense air inlet hole, the air here is the most primitive parts of lessons. After the air into the base, driven by a motor, and then through the top of the base layer to hide "220V Cooling Fan" fan blowing upwards. This layer is horizontally rotating blades, installed after the wind box on the outside can not see. After the motor and fan role, it has a certain stream of air into the interior cavity of the air box. Attention, inside the wind box is a special cavity structure, rather than a simple metal solid box. Cavity "220V Cooling Fan" box toward the positive direction of the thin air, completely closed in the opposite direction thick metal sheet wrapped after leaving a narrow slit in a circle, this gap is the outlet.

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