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220V Cooling Fan advantage

Date: 2015-7-25   Click: 1086 Times

1. "220V Cooling Fan" according to the use needs, a wide range of blade length, leaf width, number of leaves, the outlet shape and other adjustments;
2. The centrifugal diversion, entrance space requirements low, sending the airflow smooth, concentrated, less turbulence,
3. The blade number, the total projected area even greater than over the surface of the wind over the wind area, by centrifugal effect, compared with axial "220V Cooling Fan" can provide greater pressure;
    Conventional centrifugal fan basis, according to need air-cooled radiator has been modified - Increase the length of the blade, improve air flow; simplifying the shroud, reduce the volume, increasing the outlet area - for better heat dissipation greater energy efficiency . Axial flow "220V Cooling Fan" rival and make up, can solve many of the axial fan complete bad problem. With the miniaturization, the preferred structure more products used! Personal recommendation: not only the axial fan cooling, thermal considerations diversified design structure must understand and know; it will provide the proper help and support cooling duct design! Designers should be a lot of understanding!

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