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Micro Cooling Fan selection

Date: 2015-7-28   Click: 916 Times

"Micro Cooling Fan" coil selection is the key issue. According to the maximum cooling load of the choice of fan coil air-conditioned room air conditioning system design is common practice, the aim is to ensure that the peak load of the room temperature. The air-conditioned rooms actually run most of the time will not be in peak load, so that the excess cooling capacity, switching to low-grade run to reduce the cold output, thereby maintaining the heat balance of the room. Select "Micro Cooling Fan" coil units, in addition to cooling capacity to meet the calculated cooling load requirements, but also required to meet its match sensible heat and latent heat ratio of heat and moisture to meet room requirements; wind shall meet air temperature, ventilation the number of organizations and airflow requirements. "Micro Cooling Fan" coil as central air-conditioning terminal equipment, its quality determines the effects of indoor air conditioning. Meanwhile, the cleaning problems have a direct impact on the central air-conditioning effect.

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