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Micro Cooling Fan stunning debut

Date: 2015-7-29   Click: 873 Times

Subversion of the traditional "Micro Cooling Fan" stunning debut this summer. Since then, fans will not only give you a refreshing experience, while art or a life. Colorful fan Linkage changed in the past difficult disassembly distress, first with one hand lightly pressed ring network design, make the operation more simple, can achieve five seconds split grille. In addition, "Micro Cooling Fan" flat screen also features a colorful design, bright colors to highlight the vitality of personality. Simple operation, a variety of colors and user-friendly design, the Year colorful fan, designed to let people have become living artist. Colorful fan first "one hand lightly pressed network circle" design, making "Micro Cooling Fan" of cleaning, installation easier, gently clasp, single hand can easily get five seconds. Thus, make the product more simple, so that more people can be autonomous operation, experience the fun of DIY self build, it has changed the traditional fan disassembly very difficult, time-consuming features.

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