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220V Cooling Fan high speed rotation

Date: 2015-8-3   Click: 922 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" is because the motor is rotated at high speed, so that the blades push to accelerate the flow of air to form a strong wind. The teacher will teach us how to make it, first with a rectangular piece of wood to make a base, then take two circles is flat wood with white latex were pasted a long round stick at both ends, one end of which is attached One end of the base, stand on the well. Then start doing "220V Cooling Fan" section, get a battery case and then come up with a diode and triode connected fixed on a small parts, the red wire attached to the battery case diode, the black wire attached to the receiver tube. Then the motor card on the base, the battery box glued to the base, mounting on the infrared emission control, and finally on the top of a long stick by the fan motor, a "220V Cooling Fan" was born. Quickly put it in the sun now! Under the irradiation of infrared sunlight fan can immediately turn up.

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