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220V Cooling Fan classification

Date: 2015-8-8   Click: 1098 Times

    A, "220V Cooling Fan" according to the motor structure can be divided into: single-phase capacitor type, shaded pole single-phase, three-phase induction, DC and AC and DC series wound commutator fan.
    Two, "220V Cooling Fan" by use classification can be divided into: home fans and industrial exhaust fan.
    1, the home fans: a ceiling fan, table fan, stand fan, wall fan, roof fan, fan, fan page, air-conditioning fan (ie cooling fans) and the like; and there were desk fan shook his head and shook his head no points, Also some fan page; stand fan in his head, turn the page. There is also a breeze small fan, is specialized in the nets hanging in the summer at night, opened it suddenly breezy, can secure in sleep, you will not get sick.
     2, industrial use "220V Cooling Fan": mainly used for forced air convection only. Fans with long after, the following blades are easily stained with a lot of dust. This is a fan at work, due to the friction between the blade and the air leaving the fan to bring the static nature of the charged object can attract small and light objects, which can absorb small indoor floating dust caused.

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