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Installed 220V Cooling Fan an important

Date: 2015-8-10   Click: 971 Times

    First: "220V Cooling Fan" Before installing the whole unit should be placed directly on the basis of leveling with a pair of oblique horn.
Second: Before the machine running the process, should be appropriate to adjust the gap between the impeller and the intake port, allowing device complies equipment technical documents.
Third: "220V Cooling Fan" in alignment when the axis of the fan shaft and motor shaft must comply with the provisions, because these two factors are a direct result of this centrifugal air
Machine safe level in the course of.
    Lower bearing seat and base should be closely integrated in the installation process must be measured using a horizontal well, if not done in this regard, it would let the centrifugal fan noise occurs during use, the serious situation: Fourth accident is normal. Think about it, if the installation is unstable because the base, the fan base was broke away during normal use the fan, then the fan reaction will be directly pushed very far away, of course, it will cause an accident.
    Fifth: If it is the site for assembly "220V Cooling Fan", then the base of the cut surface should be properly protected, it can not appear in the storage process.

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