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220V Cooling Fan as exquisite works of art like

Date: 2015-8-12   Click: 864 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" as works of art as fine, every detail is very fine. Brushed metal gloss, minimalist lines, extraordinary texture, the overall design is simple and beautiful. Black design based, such as Miss Gao as elegant, like a gentleman as mature men. ! At home, is simply too seductive frequency "220V Cooling Fan", an ultra-low-voltage variable frequency motor, greatly reduces fan noise during operation, the motor noise is only 17.4 db, like butterfly wings incitement sound; but also Special Silent profile, dual create silent environment, so you get rid of noise, peaceful sleep. "220V Cooling Fan" using the new wind flap type 9 pages, perfect cut wind angle so that air flow is more uniform, more air area, the wind is more gentle, give you a healthy and comfortable summer.

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