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Function and design requirements 220V Cooling Fan gating system

Date: 2015-8-13   Click: 1111 Times

"220V Cooling Fan" gating system design requirements because of the quality of products, varieties of plastic parts, use of equipment, processing conditions and user requirements for the mold varies, but make sure the molding process under reasonable conditions, to obtain satisfactory The apparent mass and physical and mechanical properties of products, gating system design should follow the following basic requirements:
1. According to "220V Cooling Fan" mold cavity number of requirements, choose the right runner as far as possible in the form of a balanced runner system melt flow through the gating system should be made as small as possible melt temperature drop; melt by casting system pressure loss should be controlled within a predetermined range; each cavity is filled as much as possible at the same time; minimizing the volume of the gating system; ensure striker cold melt material does not enter the cavity.
2, "220V Cooling Fan" gate design, the shape of the gate, the size favor plastic molding, filling will not appear insufficient or excess phenomenon; the gate is in favor of the exhaust gas; it does not appear to make a variety of molded parts obvious defects; pores within the article, residual stresses, bending and dimensional changes should be allowed range; gate residual traces should try not to affect the appearance of the article; when the melt flows through the gates, there should not deteriorate melt performance phenomenon. Heat-sensitive plastic is particularly important.

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