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where you can also use Air fan maintenance mode?

Date: 2015-9-30   Click: 1034 Times

"Air fan maintenance mode" current fan series of blades made of high quality raw materials will be screened heavy build, and to adjust the balance from tests using cutting-edge technology machinery, supplemented by more than a dozen of the testing process, minimizing fan failure rate. "Air fan maintenance mode" Although China's current wind turbine technology is not fully mature, but relatively large domestic market share stations centrifugal fan manufacturers have their own set of technologies, to enter the overseas market and lay a solid foundation. And it can successfully open up foreign markets, will open the learning gap of foreign advanced technology, to enhance domestic technology provide the conditions. "Air fan maintenance mode" blade is the key to progress in wind energy technology core wind turbine components, its good design, reliable quality and superior performance is the determining factor to ensure normal and stable operation of the unit. And with the air chamber is designed to meet one of the blades will increase the pressure, increase the amount of wind.

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