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Waterproof Cooling Fan of the history of development

Date: 2015-12-30   Click: 1069 Times

"Waterproof Cooling Fan" means a hot day so as to take cold wind fan utensils, electric drive is a device to generate airflow, fan energize within the configuration later to rotate into the wind to achieve natural shade effect. Mechanical roof fan originated, in 1830, a man named James Byron was inspired by American watches from the structure, the invention can be mounted on a ceiling, with a spring-driven mechanical fan. This "Waterproof Cooling Fan" cool slowly rotating blades brings people feel happy, but have climbed the ladder to the winding, very troublesome. By the magnet, "Waterproof Cooling Fan" fan and shaft composition; stators: There silicon steel sheet, coil and bearing components; control circuit: IC induced by the magnet N. S. Pole circuit control via its coil is turned on and generates an internal excitation of the rotor to rotate. Type: axial fans, DC fans.

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