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Exhaust Fan appropriate installation

Date: 2016-9-13   Click: 3328 Times

"Exhaust Fan" fan should be installed where it is needed most, like the bathroom fan installation is necessary. The fan is installed at a distance where it is needed (such as showers position) within three feet of the most effective. Living room like a big point of the room bathroom toilet and bath room is best to install two separate ventilator, mounted in a place close to the shower, the other to be installed in the vicinity of the toilet bowl. This ensures that fresh air throughout the bathroom. Ventilator care is also very important is also the most easily overlooked. Ventilation fans want to maintain long-term effect, it must be regular cleaning and maintenance. To clean up the fan dust timely, but also frequently check the security of the ventilator circuit, so as to ensure effective ventilation effect

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