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220V AC Cooling Fan blade corrosion four-step

Date: 2014-10-11   Click: 1024 Times

1. "220V AC Cooling Fan" by polymer materials, wear orthopedic, superfine powder and inorganic polymer dispersion composition of the cured coating particles closely packed, with good adhesion, easy to fall off, good thermal denaturation .
2. "220V AC Cooling Fan" high wear resistance, experiments show that: ZS-911 waterproof coating abrasion wear resistance is 10 times that of steel 16Mn, 65Mn steel 9 times, 50 times the refractory castable, and with temperature increases, changes in abrasion wear waterproof coating is very small.
3 coating stability, acid and alkali in the use of special materials, easy and media reaction. Can be a good resistance to environmental corrosion.
4."220V AC Cooling Fan" specially made using fine resin, stable molecular structure, not aging decomposition.

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