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Air purifier

Date: 2021-10-28   Click: 255 Times

Pollutants and viruses in the air are always threatening our health. For yourself and your family, it is recommended to use air purifiers regularly.

There are many brands and kinds of air purifiers in the market, so we have great difficulty in choosing them. BDI develops home and commercial air purifiers to create healthy breathing space in your home and office area according to China's air environment and the real needs of customers.

Air purifier is also known as ldQUO; Air Cleaner & RDQUO; , air freshener, purifier, refers to the adsorption, decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively improve the cleanliness of air products, mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, building.


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